Kimber Park Wildlife Calendar Published

I put together a wall calendar of Kimber Park wildlife, just in time for Holiday giving!

It contains some of the best photos that I took of the diverse wildlife at Kimber. It’s published online, here’s the link:  Kimber Park Calendar.

It is printed basically at cost, but Lulu is running a holiday promotion, which roughly halves the price to you. Use promo code:  LUMEN.

I don’t know how long this code will be valid, which they described as a holiday promotion, so don’t wait too long!

Any profits will go to the Save Kimber Park effort.

Have a great Holiday!

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About moderator

A Kimber Park resident and nature lover dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Kimber Park open space and neighborhood recreational facility. A hyper-aggressive developer has cyclone fenced a 60-year old Redwood forest and natural area and now holds it hostage in the center of a planned community, even though the property is zoned open space. After surrounding the community's open space with a cyclone fence, they are now trying to negotiate how many homes to build. Hard to believe but true. See also for more information.

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