About Us

Welcome to the Save Kimber Park Blog website.

Here you will find testimonials, both video and written, on the Kimber Park open space, the tennis club and the local community. You will also find blogs that will further reveal how incredibly special this place is.

All of these webpages are also directly accessible from the black menu bar found above and on all of the pages of this website. Mousing over an item may offer further navigational help.

This blogsite exists to serve the dynamic needs of hosting videos and blogs and to make it easy for everyone affected and concerned to have a voice.

The savekimberpark.com website remains the official website for all things SKP. Please use it to sign our petition and to join the email list.

Finally, any donation you can make will go directly to the fight.

We hope this blogsite can benefit the Kimber Park Open Space and the Mission Hills Tennis Club recreational facility on the property and make sure they have a bright future.

Thanks so much! — SKP

Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to Contact Us.

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